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The EOS promise


EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, was created by Gino Wickman to help companies organize how they run their business. The promise of EOS® is a healthier leadership team successfully executing its strategic plan in a company where everyone shares the same vision.

Visionaries and Integrators

One of the keys to the success of EOS® is the relationship between the CEO/Owner, or "Visionary," and their COO/Operations leader, or "Integrator." The role of the Visionary is to create and cast the vision for the company's future. The Integrator's role is to formulate the plan for getting there, and lead the team in making that vision real. Often, the need for an Integrator is only required for a short time or on a part-time basis. Therefore, these Integrators act as a "Fractional Integrator."


If you want to implement EOS® consider engaging with a certified or professional implementor at But if you would like to self-implement EOS®, let's talk about how our Fractional Integrators can help you get the most out of your EOS® implementation process.

Fractional Integrator Service


More Information:

For more information about EOS®, go to To learn more about EOS® and the EOS Toolbox™, go to
Visionaries and Integrators have different skills and talents. However, when combined, they work to provide an excellent culture for success. For more information on the Visionary and Integrator relationship, go to and take your Visionary or Integrator™ Crystallizer Assessment.

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